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Fasteners for Plastics

STANLEY Engineered Fastening offers a variety of fasteners for plastics including threaded inserts, internal locking thread systems, blind rivets, blind rivet nuts and threaded inserts.

Blind Rivets

The ability to set rivets without the need for access at the back of the work makes their use mandatory in many instances. The many additional advantages of blind rivets from POP® and Avdel® also make them the logical choice in applications where the blind rivet setting feature is not of primary importance.

Blind Rivet Nuts (or Blind Threaded Inserts)

POP NUT® and Avdel® blind rivet nuts can be installed into sheet metal, tubing, extrusions, plastics, and other materials to provide strong, reliable internal threads in applications that require subsequent component assembly.

Threaded Inserts

Dodge® offers a full line of threaded inserts for plastics including brass inserts to suit almost any insert application in plastic. Inserts can be installed using virtually all methods of installation.

The WELL-NUT® threaded insert is a flanged chloroprene bushing with a brass machine nut molded into one end. Tightening a conventional machine screw threaded in the brass nut causes the insert to expand, ensuring a secure fastening.

The JACK NUT® threaded insert is an economical blind fastener designed for assembly line use in thin, soft, or brittle materials. When tightened, the body collapses to form four legs which grip the inside of the mounting surface, leaving a permanent, reusable threaded insert.

Other Threaded Inserts (available in brass, stainless steel and low carbon steel) are ideal for plastics, alloys and composite materials. They are designed to provide strong metal threads for machine screws

Internal Locking Thread Systems

Spiralock® is a technologically superior fastening system ideally suited for threaded joint applications subjected to heavy shock and vibration, extreme temperatures, long hours of strenuous operation, and millions of loading cycles without the chance for retightening.

Screws & Bolts

Thread forming screws like Delta PT® or Remform® can also be offered. Please look for more in the Screws & Bolts section.

Nuts and Bolts for GRP panels

iForm Camtainer® nuts and bolts are high strength, removable and reusable steel nuts and bolts designed to join glass reinforced plastic composite panels.