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Fasteners for Metals

Blind Rivets

The ability to set rivets without the need for access at the back of the work makes their use mandatory in many instances. The many additional advantages of blind rivets from POP® and Avdel® also make them the logical choice in applications where the blind rivet setting feature is not of primary importance.

Blind Rivet Nuts (or Blind threaded Inserts)

POP NUT® and Avdel blind rivet nuts can be installed into sheet metal, tubing, extrusions, plastics, and other materials to provide strong, reliable internal threads in applications that require subsequent component assembly.

Internal Locking Thread Systems

Spiralock® self-locking thread available in flange nuts, wire thread inserts, floating nuts, key inserts, threaded inserts and custom fasteners is ideally suited for applications subjected to heavy shock and vibration, extreme temperatures, long hours of strenuous operation, and millions of loading cycles without the opportunity for retightening.

Lockbolt Systems

Avdel structural Lockbolts are specified whenever robust and reliable fastening is desired. They consist of a separate pin and collar which are mechanically locked during istallation.

Screws & Bolts

STANLEY Engineered Fastening can supply a wide range of Screws & Bolts for all different applications. For unmatched performance against strip-out and vibration loosening in sheet metal applications, you can rely on Crimptite® sheet metal screws from iForm. Octolok® high performance staking studs and nuts are Grade strength fasteners designed to provide external or internal threads in the most demanding applications. We can also offer a lot of other screw types and brands, e.g machine screws, thread forming fasteners and many more.