Formerly Emhart Teknologies & Infastech

Assembly Tools & Systems

Engineered Fastening offers a variety of assembly tools and systems including stud welding systems (designed to fasten without holes), Self-Piercing Riveting (SPR) systems and DC and pneumatic nutrunners.

Handheld & Multiple-Spindle Torque Tools

These powerful systems from STANLEY Assembly Technologies incorporate the latest pneumatic and DC electric nutrunner innovations for both handheld and multi-spindle applications. Multi-spindle nutrunners incorporate synchronization, absorption of reaction torque, and full-featured operator feedback. Handheld tooling offers superior quality, ergonomics, durability, and productivity.

Stud Welding Systems

Engineered Fastening pioneered the concept of using arc welding equipment as a means to fasten components without the need for holes in sheet metal. Available from Tucker®, this system is known as the No-Hole Fastening System, which allows for strong attachments that reduces or eliminates fastening system corrosion issues.

Self-Piercing Riveting (SPR/Fastriv®)

Self-Piercing Riveting (SPR) is a process used to join two or more layers of material without a predrilled or punched hole by driving a rivet through the top layers of material and upsetting the rivet in the lower layer without piercing the layer to form a durable joint. SPR is an ideal process for joining sheet materials providing a watertight joint. This system provides process-monitoring capabilities to enable increased productivity and quality. SPR is available from Tucker and Avdel.

Automated Torque Fastening Equipment

STANLEY Assembly Technologies provides custom and standard multiple-spindle nutrunners including robot end tooling for fully automatic rundown stations. Turnkey automated fastening equipment solutions, from concept to completion, from the rail to the floor.

Blind Riveting Systems

POP® and Avdel® riveting systems include tools that range from hand to pneumatic tools to semi-automated standard and customized production equipment—all designed to provide the quality you expect from the POP and Avdel brands.

POP NUT® and Avdel® blind rivet nut systems encompass a range of hand tools, kits, pressure-controlled (PC) pneumatic tools, the SmartSet process monitoring tool, and fully automatic tooling like the Avdel Autosert®. JACK NUT® installation tools include both hand tools and, for high volume, torque-adjustable pneumatic tools.

Wire/Screw Thread Inserts

Tooling for both tanged and tangless Heli-Coil wire inserts include a selection of hand tools, electric tooling, and pneumatic installation tools as well as associated tang removal tools, taps, and gages. Pneumatic tooling is available for both discrete and strip fed insert installation.

Stud Welding Systems

Tucker pioneered the concept of drawn arc welding technology as a means to fasten components without the need for holes in sheet metal. Engineered Fastening systems consist of a feeder, weld head and power supply that are suitable for use in both robotic and pedestal configurations.