Formerly Emhart Teknologies & Infastech

Aerospace Fasteners

Aerospace fasteners from STANLEY Engineered Fastening range from nonstructural captive screws, stressed panel systems, and quarter-turn fastener assemblies used in aircraft, avionics, and instrument panels to high-strength bolts and stainless steel screw thread inserts designed for critical applications.

Airframe & Structural Fasteners

Airframe and structural fasteners from Fastener Innovation Technology, Heli-Coil®, and Spiralock® include wire inserts, screws, and bolts used in structural aircraft assembly or to hold fuselage access panels, landing gear components, etc.

Elevated Temperature Inserts, Bolts & Screws

Inserts, bolts, screws, and double-ended stud configurations from Heli-Coil and Fastener Innovation Technology are designed to comply with prime OEM designs, "AS" part standards, and other custom requirements.

Stress Panel Fasteners

Stress panel fasteners from Fastener Innovation Technology are used in airframe stressed panels and other applications. Available in a variety of thread types including single, double, quadruple, and metric leads.

Avionics & Panel Fasteners

Configurations include quarter-turn fasteners, captive screws, and alignment pins used in avionics, ground support equipment, and space applications. Available from Fastener InnovationTechnology, POP®, Spiralock, and Heli-Coil.

Titanium Inserts & Bolts

Favored by the world's premier space/satellite companies, titanium bolts from Fastener Innovation Technology and Heli-Coil are made from several kinds of titanium alloys or A-286 CRES. Designed to meet the most stringent requirements.

Female-Threaded Fasteners

Hex and double-hex nuts and other female-threaded fasteners from Fastener Innovation Technology, Heli-Coil, and Spiralock include NA series metric nuts, stand-offs, inserts, and press-in or swaged receptacles.

Metric Fasteners

Metric fasteners with ISO threads from Fastener Innovation Technology, Heli-Coil, and Spiralock are supplied to NASA and many other OEM companies. Many inserts and captive screw series can be obtained with metric threads.

Screw Thread Inserts

Screw thread inserts from Heli-Coil and Spiralock provide a positive means for protecting and strengthening tapped threads in any material. Benefits include stronger assemblies, improved thread wear, increased corrosion resistance, and increased strength-to-weight ratios.

Blind Fastening Systems & Tooling

Blind fasteners like the Speed Fastening® Systems from Avdel are applied e.g. in aircraft interiors or electronic subassemblies.