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Recreational Equipment

The recreational equipment market relies on fast paced product innovation and high aesthetic requirements across the off road vehicle, motorcycle, sports equipment, watercraft and recreational vehicle segments. STANLEY Engineered Fastening is the leading manufacturer of engineered solutions to meet these requirements as well as provide engineering support through the use of our technical lab and testing capabilities. Product solutions range from coatings, threaded fasteners and blind fastening systems.

Product brands include:


Through the use of different alloy and stainless steel materials, as well as different heat treat methods, our customers have enjoyed the advantage of high strength products which provide joint integrity and aesthetic appeal. Coupled with our technical lab testing capabilities, our customers have the confidence their joint designs can withstand the intense market conditions this segment dictates. Proven successes span across both the engine and assembly sections of this segment.

Off-Road Vehicles

STANLEY Engineered Fastening has provided industry leaders with the engineering experience to design engine critical fasteners in a fast paced environment for quicker go-to-market solutions. STANLEY Engineered Fastening has also proven successful in the snowmobile, ATV and golf cart segments with blind fastening solutions in steering column, cargo area, under hood, frame and windshield applications.

Recreational Vehicles (RV's)

POP Avdel® breakstem solutions are used in the trailer industry. These solutions provide a low cost, efficient means to assemble cabinets, table legs, etc. Our iForm® product line has provided drillscrew solutions for chassis and outer skin assembly. The use of drillscrews increases throughput for the manufacturer.

Sports Equipment

Acu®-Coat is an organic coating with high UV and wear resistance which comes in any pantone color. This allows manufacturers of fitness, hunting and outdoor sports equipment to design in fasteners that can be replaced repeatedly and still keep their aesthetic value. Increased through put has been realized by converting to our iForm thread formers for plastic and metals. Providing Torx®/Torx Plus® recessed products also increases aesthetics as well as reduces ream out issues during assembly and field adjustments.


STANLEY Engineered Fastening’s ability to cold form product out of various alloys and stainless steel materials (includes 401 and TrimRite stainless steel) provides cost savings over traditionally screw machined product. The DODGE® product line of brass insert and compression limiters also provides an efficient, robust solution to install threads in softer plastics for outboard engines. Our breakstem and self pierce riveting solutions are frequently used in the assembly of hulls and rails in the aluminum boat industry.