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Medical equipment utilizes an array of fastener and assembly systems that provide crucial operational performance. STANLEY Engineered Fastening offers a long list of fastener and assembly solutions designed to keep that equipment and furniture performing at its best. Products include threaded inserts for plastics, universally accepted wire screw thread inserts and tools, blind rivets and tools, self-locking thread systems, and engineered fastening solutions.

Product brands include:


From critical devices like surgical lasers, MRI scanners or implantable pacemakers to instruments as straightforward as stethoscopes, when human lives are at risk , medical equipment must be dependable. Fasteners are among critical components responsible for accurate and reliable equipment performance. STANLEY Engineered Fastening improves the manufacturers’ design confidence with its selection of unique fastening products ideally suited for providing supreme integrity in threaded joints.


Medical engineering poses unique challenges for implant and artificial joint manufacturers because they are required to withstand millions of fluctuating load cycles without a chance for re-tightening. STANLEY Engineered Fastening offers innovative and reliable self-locking fasteners that enable patients to maintain active lifestyles with confidence that their implantable components will function effectively.


In a field where second chances are frequently not an option, surgical tools and instruments require dependable performance, especially when a patient’s life is at risk during a surgical procedure.. Since fasteners are extremely important in assuring solid performance of numerous surgical devices, manufacturers turn to STANLEY Engineered Fastening for proven solutions to very complex fastening challenges.