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The electronics industry relies on a vast array of fastener and assembly systems to ensure precision product manufacturing. STANLEY Engineered Fastening's Global Electronics Group is a specialist in micro-mechanical fastening solutions, from miniature threaded fasteners, rivets, inserts and standoffs, to performance coatings and cosmetic finishes. We create the standards and innovations that enable cost effective, enhanced product performance in consumer electronics devices, telecommunications and networking equipment.

Achieve first time right designs with fasteners for todays electronics form factor.
Please take a moment to watch this short video about >>> Electronics Engineered Standards from STANLEY Engineered Fastening.

Product brands include:

Computing & Peripheral

Our expertise in joining technology for computer chassis and component assembly is second to none. Our broad range of screws, rivets, Speed Fasteners and custom components are designed for high speed production to reduce total cost of assembly and significantly enhance joint performance. Our Pull Thru and Speed Fastening® technology is designed to provide near flush joints in thin sheets and avoid any possible vibration loosening and debris falling into assemblies.

Custom Interconnect

With our Precision CNC and high tolerance cold forming capabilities we offer a wide range of individual components and assemblies, in specialist materials and finishes for the Custom Interconnect market place.

Home Media

Technological advances in home entertainment systems, the latest LED curved displays, games consoles or connected home devices have created fastening and component challenges for electronic manufacturers. Our Engineers work directly with manufacturers, engineers and designers in the early stages of product development, conducting tear downs, providing VA/VE analysis and enhanced design recommendations. Our range of Electronics Engineered Standards are designed specifically to meet the demands of Home Media devices whilst allowing for full customization to meet specific customer requirements.

Mobile Media

Mobile devices like phones, tablets, wearables and portable games consoles require specific needs to meet the demands of electronics manufacturers and consumers. Our performance assembly solutions for miniature fasteners and components include automation systems, Ultra HD drive bits and customized delivery packaging to optimize high volume assembly. Our product solutions include the highest quality components and Gemstone™ performance coatings and cosmetic finishes for great aesthetics, anti-tamper / clone identification and maximum wear resistance under repeated use.


Combing advanced drive systems like Torx Plus® with our Ultra HD 6LDX™ drive bits and Optia® high lubricity clean room coating enables us to provide fastening solutions for the worlds best known storage manufacturers. 

Telecom & Network Enclosures

Expanding connectivity, networks, the cloud and big data is driving production in Telecom and Networking industry. Our solutions for enclosures, switch gear and infrastructure include specialist screws, advanced coatings, fully sealed closed end rivets, Inserts and Speed Fastening® products like NeoSpeed® that meet demanding environmental and production requirments with a low total installed cost, whilst helping to minimize future maintenance and rework.