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STANLEY Engineered Fastening's Global Electronics Group is a specialist in micro-mechanical fastening solutions, from miniature threaded fasteners, rivets, inserts and standoffs, to performance coatings and cosmetic finishes. We create the standards and innovations that enable cost effective, enhanced product performance in consumer electronics devices, telecommunications and networking equipment.

Product brands include:

Printed Circuit Board

Ideal for computer and electronic heat sink and cooling systems, tangless inserts from Heli-Coil are used to eliminate contamination from tang break-off, preventing cosmetic damage while reducing stress to parent material. Tangless inserts install bi-directionally.

Gall-resistant inserts from Heli-Coil are the perfect solution for the assembly of machinery components for semiconductor fabrication. Gall-resistant inserts eliminate thread galling through the utilization of corrosion-resistant Nitronic 60 stainless steel.

STANLEY Assembly Technologies' QPM DC Tiny Tools deliver an ergonomic ATC control function that allows hard drive manufacturers to lower shock to components.

Cell Phones

Miniature Ultraserts® from Dodge are used in the smartphone industry to mate two plastic pieces, forming strong bonds and ensuring long service life.


Pull-Thru (PT) rivets from POP deliver the "double flush" required in a server blade assembly, providing minimal to zero protrusion between sliding components.

Internal Framework

Manufacturers around the world rely on Ultrasert brass inserts from Dodge for reliability and performance.