Formerly Emhart Teknologies & Infastech


Inside and out, automobiles of all styles and purpose benefit from high-performance fastener and assembly solutions from STANLEY Engineered Fastening. When a vehicle needs to run at peak performance, it needs the power of STANLEY Engineered Fastening.

Product brands include:

Assembly Systems

Fixtured or robotic mounted assembly systems from STANLEY Engineered Fastening assist in the high-speed production of many sub assembly and body structure construction applications throughout the assembly process.


Whether we're talking sun roof assemblies, doors, liftgates, convertible tops, fascias, body structures, or fuel and brake line routing, STANLEY Engineered Fastening has a fastening solution that will exceed all expectations. The solutions include Self Piercing Riveting, POP Avdel rivets, Warren plastic fasteners, Tucker Drawn Arc welding equipment and studs.

Exterior Trim

Designed to lower assembly costs and improve overall vehicle quality, exterior trim fastening solutions include open-end rivets, high-retention rivets, double-threaded studs, Drawn Arc welded studs and mating retention clips, fascia brackets, and nutrunners.


Designed to ensure optimum durability and passenger comfort, interior fastening solutions range from no-hole solutions, custom rivet systems, compression limiters, high-retention retainers to custom designed plastic components and structural pieces.

Powertrain & Chassis

STANLEY Engineered Fastening offers a broad portfolio of products used in the Powertrain and Chassis systems of a vehicle. From the high torque retention of the Gripco manifold torque nuts to the Dodge threaded inserts in the plastic intake manifolds, STANLEY Engineered Fastening products meet the needs of the application. STANLEY Engineered Fastening fastening solutions for the Chassis segment include Gripco torque nuts and nut assemblies, Cam Bolts, rivets and drawn arc studs and clips.