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Appliances & Home

Whether residential or commercial, the manufacture of appliances/white goods requires an array of highly specific fastener and assembly solutions to ensure optimal performance and long product life. Fasteners and assembly products from STANLEY Engineered Fastening include threaded inserts for plastics, blind rivets and tools, self-locking thread systems, and torque tool solutions. Appliance applications are virtually limitless.

Product brands include:

Home Interior

The perfect solution for metal garage doors, Multi-Grip™ rivets from POP Avdel reduce inventory complexity and lower costs while satisfying structural integrity. Ideal for products with varying thicknesses produced on the same assembly line. POP Avdel HR® rivets eliminate screws from locker assemblies, allowing lower costs, increased corrosion resistance, increased productivity, increased joint strength, and the removal of sharp edges from the assembly. STANLEY Assembly Technologies' QPM DC tools are ideal for furniture assembly. When different wood types and various hardnesses are being used, the QPM algorithm allows the elimination of stripped fasteners and lowers rework costs.


Ideal for fireplace inserts, POP Avdel open-end rivets can be used as part of an automatic riveting system to increase installation efficiency, lower material inventory costs, and provide rattle and vibration resistance. STANLEY Assembly Technologies' PSI line of pneumatic transducer tooling can be integrated into shroud assembly production to increase ergonomics on-line while ensuring quality fastening.

Lawn & Garden

QPM DC tools from STANLEY Assembly Technologies are an extremely effective way to speed up assembly production and ensure quality joint fastening and error proofing. Improve quality and first-time throughput with QPM DC tools. The high-strength characteristics of Ultrasert® inserts from Dodge provide optimal retention in brittle and soft material. Ultrasert is a superior means of fastening plastic components to the engine in the high-vibration world of lawn and garden equipment.


Custom open-end rivets from POP Avdel are ideal for light fixture assembly applications. With POP Avdel custom-designed open rivets and the timesaving Auto-Feed Point and Set system, installation time, complexity, and costs can be reduced by more than double. When used for modular lighting display racks, POP Avdel HR rivets ease assembly, reduce inventories, and lower costs while meeting UL strength test requirements. Used to reliably fasten dissimilar materials, threaded inserts from Heli-Coil are ideal for LED lighting.

White Goods

POP Avdel open-end rivets are a highly effective way to lower assembly costs and reduce inventories associated with the production of gas grills. QPM EC tooling from STANLEY Assembly Technologies delivers the quality needed to stop the pump leaks and rework that often accompany washing machine production, specifically pump assembly.