Formerly Emhart Teknologies & Infastech

Strategy & Vision

Creating the future is about growth. It's about change, and it's about taking risks. At STANLEY Engineered Fastening, it's not just a promise. It's who we are and what we do.

Creating the Future

Our commitment to the success of our customers means anticipating their future needs today and striving to meet those needs throughout every aspect of our organization. "Creating the future" also reflects our dedication to continuously advancing the use of today's newest technologies to solve fastening and assembly issues. By remaining at the forefront of our industry from a technology standpoint, STANLEY Engineered Fastening is able to guarantee that our customers are truly benefiting from the world's most advanced fastening and assembly solutions.

In support of the green efforts of our customers, much of our focus is on the development of lightweight, high-strength fastening technologies. The increased use of plastics and other composites also presents unique challenges in the manufacturing of fastening components that were traditionally made from steel.

Emphasizing the Total System

At STANLEY Engineered Fastening, our emphasis on the total system (the fastener, the installation tooling, and the assembly process) ensures that customer productivity is maximized and the lowest possible cost is achieved. STANLEY Engineered Fastening helps our customers drive the total installed cost to the lowest possible level. And with our global presence, STANLEY Engineered Fastening is uniquely positioned to support our customers within whatever geographic market they choose to develop.

Relentlessly Pursuing Innovation

The foundation of STANLEY Engineered Fastening is the relentless pursuit of innovation throughout every facet of our organization. In particular, the ongoing development and implementation of new fastening and assembly technologies is what allows us to continually provide our customers with superior service, a superior product, and a superior outlook on the future.