Formerly Emhart Teknologies & Infastech


Tucker drawn-arc welding systems are recognized globally for their innovative robust design which meets today's demanding manufacturing throughput requirements. State-of-the-art Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) are at the heart of the industry-leading process quality monitoring designed into every system.

  • Up to five weld outlets (control multiple configurations with a single controller)
  • Precision Switch Mode Power Supply (inverter) technology
  • Intuitive color user interface with available advanced diagnostics
  • Stud feeding options include dual-stage vibratory and multi-stage elevator
  • Linear Motor drive assures finite closed loop control and monitoring of stud displacement during welding
  • Optional accessories include robot dress, festooning packages, tool changers, and associated custom tooling

Processing configurations available for robot-mount, pedestal-mount, handheld auto-feed, and manual applications.