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Self-Pierce Riveting

Self-Pierce Riveting, or SPR, is a mechanical joining process used to join two or more layers of material without the need for a predrilled hole. The sheets being joined are first clamped, then a precision self-piercing rivet is pressed through the top layers of material and is upset in the bottom layer, forming a strong interlock between the layers being assembled.

  • 100% Servo-Electric drive assures highest level of process control and repeatability
  • Large selection of C-frame sizes and configurations to meet application requirements
  • Tools can be robot-carried or pedestal-mounted
  • Cycle times analagous to spot welding
  • SPR systems can be configured to control up to three tools with a single control unit

Equipment configurations can provide the flexibility to automatically feed and set two or more rivet lengths with the same tool to meet multiple stack-up processing needs.