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Count the Number of Fasteners Installed

PSI Controllers and Qualifiers provide reliable error-proofing for most standard air tools including impact, impulse, and direct drive, without expensive and irreversible porting of the tool or using maintenance-prone air signals.

Pneumatic Systems Interface

PSI Controllers bring torque control and batch complete to the simplest assembly tools including non-shut-off impact, pulse, and stall-type direct-drive tools. No clutch, transducer, solenoid, or other instrumentation is required. Works with all major brands of pneumatic non-shut-off tools. Models control non-shut-off tools for either 35 or 80 scfm levels.

PSI Qualifiers provide batch complete for standard pneumatic tools with built-in torque control including shut-off pulse tools, air sensing, and clutch-controlled direct-drive tools. Works with all major brands of pneumatic shut-off tools. Models control shut-off tools to 35 scfm.

Enables Error-Proofing of All Stanley and Other Pneumatic Tool Types

Identifies and alarms incomplete fastening cycles:

  • Re-hits
  • Cross-thread
  • Slip-off (or cam-out)
  • Short cycle (premature cycle abort) to final torque (this can happen when the operator anticipates the end of the cycle and "lets go" of the throttle prematurely)

Improves Assembly Quality by Enabling Bolt Counting of Complete Cycles to Prevent Missed Fasteners