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Wire Thread Insert EDP Number

Spiralock wire thread inserts are made of cold-rolled Type 304 stainless steel and are supplied unplated, unless specified otherwise. Dry Film lube (per AS5272, Type I) can be requested by adding a 352 suffix to the basic EDP number.

Ordering Code EDP Number Insert Type Plating
Size & Length
See Chart #1
Drive Notch** (DN) or Tanged (no suffix) See Chart #2
CHART #1 – EDP Numbers
Size 1 Dia. 1.5 Dia. 2 Dia. 2.5 Dia. 3 Dia.
M3x0.50 SPL97500 SPL97501 SPL97502 SPL97503 SPL97504
M4x0.70 SPL96650 SPL96651 SPL96652 SPL96653 SPL96654
M5x0.80 SPL96700 SPL96701 SPL96702 SPL96703 SPL96704
M6x1.00 SPL96750 SPL96751 SPL96752 SPL96753 SPL96754
M8x1.25 SPL96800 SPL96801 SPL96802 SPL96803 SPL96804
M10x1.50 SPL96850 SPL96851 SPL96852 SPL96853 SPL96854
M12x1.75 SPL96900 SPL96901 SPL96902 SPL96903 SPL96904
M16x2.00 SPL97150 SPL97151 SPL97152 SPL97153 SPL97154
2-56 SPL96010 SPL96011 SPL96012 SPL96013 SPL96014
4-40 SPL96020 SPL96021 SPL96022 SPL96023 SPL96024
6-32 SPL96070 SPL96071 SPL96072 SPL96073 SPL96074
8-32 SPL96000 SPL96001 SPL96002 SPL96003 SPL96004
10-24 SPL96050 SPL96051 SPL96052 SPL96053 SPL96054
10-32 SPL96100 SPL96101 SPL96102 SPL96103 SPL96104
1/4-20 SPL96150 SPL96151 SPL96152 SPL96153 SPL96154
1/4-28 SPL96200 SPL96201 SPL96202 SPL96203 SPL96204
5/16-18 SPL96250 SPL96251 SPL96252 SPL96253 SPL96254
5/16-24 SPL96300 SPL96301 SPL96302 SPL96303 SPL96304
3/8-16 SPL96350 SPL96351 SPL96352 SPL96353 SPL96354
3/8-24 SPL96400 SPL96401 SPL96402 SPL96403 SPL96404
7/16-14 SPL96450 SPL96451 SPL96452 SPL96453 SPL96454
7/16-20 SPL96500 SPL96501 SPL96502 SPL96503 SPL96504
CHART #2 – Plating Options
  Unplated (if plating option not specified)
301- Cadmium per QQ-P-416, Type II
310- Silver per AMS 2410
337- Passivation - ASTM A967
352- Dry Film Lubricant per AS5272, Type I


*Tanged inserts are only available in bulk packaging; Drive Notch inserts.

**Please call for size availability of Drive Notch wire thread inserts.

Example: SPL96070DN352 #6-32 x 1 dia. long, Dry Film lube coating, Drive Notch style