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Troubleshooting Guide

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Tap worn on cutting edge

Solution: Regrind or replace tap.

Burrs on entry or exit side of hole

Solution: Remove burrs from thread.

Minor diameter is too small

Solution: Select proper size from Spiralock Drill Chart.

Tapered thread

Solution: Tap and hole are not aligned correctly. Check alignment with dial indicator.

Lead error

Solution: Check that correct lead is programmed into controller or check condition of lead screw.

Fixture clamping distorting part during tapping

Solution: Change clamp points in fixture to remove stress from tapped hole.

Damaged thread(s)

Solution: Use proper reversing speed when exiting hole and clear tool completely from hole when finished tapping.

Tap is not within specifications due to re-sharpening

Solution: Discard tap and use a new tap.

Material closing in on tapped hole

Solution: A common problem when tapping thin-walled tubing or materials that are elastic. Increase tapping speed and feed. Change to tap with more flutes to decrease cutting pressure.

Debris on Gage

Solution: Verify gage has been recertified recently or thoroughly clean debris from gage.