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Micro Rivets

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POP_Micro_w Dime

POP_Micro_Circuit Board

2mm diameter open-end rivets, POP Micro Rivets are designed with printed circuit board manufacturers and assemblers in mind. Micro Rivets are some of the smallest blind breakstem rivets available. Wherever space is a consideration, these rivets are excellent fastener choices.

POP Micro Rivets are inserted and set from one side of the work piece. They deliver low in-place cost and fast assembly. Correct setting pressure is predetermined by the rivet design so sets are uniform and independent of operator judgments or tool torque. They are not subject to strip-out and will not deform work pieces.

Features and benefits:

  • Extremely small rivet ideal for thin sheet metal and printed circuit boards
  • Very low secondary side, excellent in tight quarters
  • Low head height terrific where space Is at a premium
  • Ideal for electronics applications


Body Material

Mandrel Material

Head Style

Dome Head

Large Flange


5154 Aluminum