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PB2500 Battery Tool for Breakstem Rivets

High speed cordless power tool with great strength and endurance

Lightweight tool with excellent ergonomics, great strength and great added features. Ensures high productivity and improve your return on investment with very low installation cost.

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Key features and benefits

  • Durable brushless motor that requires minimal maintenance
  • Long lasting battery capable of placing an average of 1,200 ø4,8mm standard breakstem rivets per charge
  • Time saving continuous operation in production environments without “tool overload”
  • Easy to use
    - Rivet holding mechanism: Rivets do not drop out – even when tool is set upside down
    - Tool free, quick release nose housing and jaw guide removal and installation
    - Integral mandrel collector stores up to 600 rest mandrels
    - Quick slide battery installation


  • Dimensions: 320mm (L) x 240mm (H)
  • Battery: 18V Li-Ion 2.0Ah slim battery pack (POP® EBC183-QW) with charge indicator
  • Charger: 20V Li-Ion (POP® EBC105-QW), with progress lamp display. 35 minute charge time
  • Stroke: 25mm
  • Noise level: 73.7 dB(A)
  • Traction power: 8,500 N
  • Capacity: Standard rivets ø2.4 – 4.8mm (detailed in instruction manual)
  • Weight: 1.72 kg including battery




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