Formerly Emhart Teknologies & Infastech

Point & Set® System

Point & Set is the ultimate in portable auto-feed POP riveting. Designed to dramatically improve productivity in high-speed, high-volume blind riveting applications, Point & Set allows rivets to be automatically delivered and loaded into the tool—on demand.

The operator controls the reload by releasing the trigger and always has one hand free to hold the workpiece or align the holes. Spent mandrels are automatically collected in a removable drawer. Built-in sensors keep things running smoothly.

Operator interface allows the operator to communicate with the system. It may be used to enter batch numbers and keep a rivet count or alert the operator when maintenance is due. Onboard diagnostics speed servicing.

High-speed and operator-controlled, the Point & Set system is the best solution for high-volume riveting where freedom of movement is required.

Features and benefits:

  • Makes high-speed riveting easy—up to 35 rivets per minute
  • Feeds 1/8", 5/32", or 3/16" (3.2, 4.0, or 4.8mm) diameter rivets
  • POP_P&S InsetKeeps track of the number of rivets set
  • Collects spent mandrels for recycling
  • Operator interface communicates with the operator
  • Tool is lightweight, comfortable in the hand, and easily removed for service
  • Uses standard off-the-shelf POP brand rivets