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Multi-Head Systems

POP_Multi-Head Composite

Multi-Head Riveting Systems are custom-configured riveting systems for setting two or more rivets simultaneously.

Multi-Head Systems consist of two or more riveting heads powered by a common hydraulic intensifier pump. Special rivets may be set at once when the system is triggered.

Heads are typically mounted to a sturdy frame or work table with the nose of each tool pointing upward. Once the rivets are loaded into the riveting heads, the operator has both hands free for handling components.

Features and benefits:

  • Makes high-speed riveting easy
  • Frees the operator's hands for parts handling
  • Sets 1/8", 5/32", or 3/16" diameter rivets
  • Up to eight riveting heads per intensifier pump
  • Flexible—custom-configured for each application
  • Improves productivity—increases speed and reduces fatigue