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Acu® Coat

Acu Coat

Environmentally Superior Performance Coating

When you need a clean, dry finish that delivers consistant deep color and is RoHS compliant, Acu coatings can meet or exceed your needs! Acu coatings are a dry to touch modified acrylic multilayer coatings that delivers optimum performance in lubricity, corrosion resistance and superior color consistancy. It is an environmentally friendly, superior color finish free of hexavalent chromates & silicates. This finish is free from any process that might induce hydrogen embrittlement due to heat treated or highly cold worked parts and it results in a consistant torque tension relationship without the need for post coating lubricants.

This RoHS compliant, durable coating won't rub off, blister or peel making it perfect for electronic applications where appearance is important. Mating plastic joint components and boss do not degrade due to fastener use in joint. Corrosion results depend on base material and plating. Unaffected by typical hydrocarbon systems such as washer fluids, gasoline and oils. This low friction coating also eliminates the need for post coating lubricants.


  • Available in any Pantone color
  • Semi-gloss, consistent color tones
  • Uniform coating thickness
  • Compatible with internal recess parts
  • Dry Surface


  • Durable and tough - doesn't come off in handling or repeated installations
  • Low friction
  • Compatible in plastics
  • Clean and dry - no oily residue