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Sheet Metal Screws

For unmatched performance against strip-out and vibration loosening in sheet metal applications, you can rely on Crimptite sheet metal screws by iForm®. Even after removal and reinsertion, they maintain their strong holding power for more solid assemblies and greater integrity in the finished product.


  • Undercut washer head
  • Shank threaded into undercut area to allow full engagement even in thin sheet metals
  • Smooth or serrated bearing surface
  • Available in a variety of thread and point styles
  • Sizes from M3 to M8 (#4 to 5/16")


  • Virtually eliminates stripout
  • Resists vibration loosening
  • Allows use of thinner sheet metals
  • High torque capability
  • Excellent for grounding screw applications

Design Guidelines

  • Fastener Sizes: #6 - 5/16" (M3.5 - M8); smaller sizes available upon request
  • Head Styles: Hex washer or round washer
  • Thread Styles: Can be used with any thread style, including Taptite® self-tapping threads
  • Drive System: Can use any drive system, including TORX PLUS® Drive
  • Point Styles: Can be used with any point style, including Drilltite® self-drilling points
  • Material: Carbon or stainless steel
  • Finish: As specified