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For high volume miniature electronics fasteners

The new iSymm drive alignment system is designed as a drive system extension to suit all straight side-wall drive systems like hex, spline, Torx®, Torx Plus® etc. It is specifically developed for high volume miniature electronics fasteners.

iForm® technology has developed this unique proprietary process that produces a well-defined drive geometry on iSymm products that assures full recess utilization even in the shallowest recesses. iSymm drive bits minimize drive recess particulate which is critical for electronics.

The symmetrical chamfer allows the drive bit to insert and engage into the recess easily, greatly enhancing assembly productivity, increasing yields and reducing scrap, damage to the cosmetic head surface of screws and re-work. The tip of the iSymm seats into the bottom of the recess to create greater driving stability with much less wobble.


  • Defined geometry drive tip
  • Tapered drive tip face


  • Increases recess contact
  • Self aligning for fast insertion
  • iSymm increases productivity and improves quality