Formerly Emhart Teknologies & Infastech


iForm fasteners are designed and manufactured around the world delivering optimum performance, quality and assembly costs.

iForm products are used in a wide variety of applications including Electronics, Automotive, Industrial and Ground Transportation industries and applications with advanced or challenging assembly needs. From mobile phones, hard disc drives and flat panel screens to demanding automotive applications and everyday products such as appliances and outdoor tools, iForm technology and innovation helps fasten the future.

& Bolts
iForm Screws & Bolts

Our product portfolio ranges from thread forming and sheet metal screws up to high performance staking fasteners.

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Drive Systems
for Fasteners
iForm Drive Systems for Fasteners

iForm has engineered special drive systems and drive alignment features especially suited for miniature screws to improve fastener assembly speed.

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Surface Finishes
& Coatings
iForm Surface Finishes & Cosmetic Treatments

We offer various options to maximize fastener performance, aesthetic properties and corrosion resistance, and to protect the fastener as well as the environment.

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