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8-Pitch Thread Inserts
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8-Pitch Thread Inserts

A unique series of screw thread inserts especially designed for 8-pitch threaded holes.

The wire cross-section of Heli-Coil 8-pitch inserts is precisely engineered to reduce the pitch diameter of a standard 8-pitch tapped thread by exactly 1/8" so that Heli-Coil assemblies can be made in normal 1/8" thread-size increments.

For example, if a 1-1/4"-8 thread is damaged, it can be readily repaired by tapping with the next eighth-inch-larger standard 8-pitch tap—in this case, 1-3/8"-8; no special taps are ever needed.

When the insert is installed, the resulting assembly provides a permanently repaired thread to the original 1-1/4"-8 size.

Compared with other methods, thread repair with 8-pitch inserts is fast and economical, providing better-than-original threads and saving expensive parts with a minimum of downtime.