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Power Tools

Power ToolsElectronic Power Installation Tool

Heli-Coil offers an electronic power tool where electric power is preferred over air. The slender configuration of the mandrels allows them to reach into constricted areas. Electric power meets the requirements of clean room operations. Operators prefer electric power because it is quieter. The electronic tool is lighter, minimizing operator fatigue.


HC_Power Tool Kit

Pneumatic Power Tool Installation Kit

This Heli-Coil power tool installation kit (8522) contains an air motor (8510-1), adapter, tools, a filter-regulator-lubricator, oil, two quick-disconnect fittings, and wrenches. All are packed in a portable molded box with easy-to-follow operating instructions. Front-end assemblies may be ordered separately to fit the sizes of Heli-Coil inserts to be installed.


HC_Cordless Electric Tool

Cordless Electric Tool

The Heli-Coil cordless tool is a complete kit (7200) that includes a driver, two batteries (7200-20), 15-minute charger, and mandrel chuck, all in a durable metal box. The cordless tool is portable, lightweight, has adjustable torque, and uses standard Heli-Coil electronic tool installation mandrels for quick setup.


HC_Tool Holder

Power Tool Holder

A new heavy-duty tool holder for use with Heli-Coil 8510-1 air motors and 8050-400C electronic insert drivers.

The power tool holder is mounted on a bench with the appropriate air motor attached to a movable arm. A mounting arm is provided for attaching reels of strip-feed inserts. This configuration ensures accurate vertical (square to work surface) installation of Heli-Coil inserts in relatively large parts.

The tool holder is capable of installing inserts within a radius of 26 inches as well as on multiple planes.

Improved features of the heavy-duty tool holder include:

  • Heavy-duty steel base mount for positive workbench mounting
  • Ground support rods and linear bearing slides for smooth, trouble-free operation
  • Locking horizontal shaft
  • Adjustable spring-loaded balance weights for vertical tool control
  • Mounting points for filter-regulator-lubricator assembly
  • Mounting arm for use with Heli-Coil strip-feed inserts
  • Compact design minimizes bench space requirements
  • Part Number 23537