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HC_Thread Repair Kit

Industrial Kits

Heli-Coil inserts are available in thread repair kits and sets for permanently repairing tapped holes which have been stripped or damaged due to wear, corrosion, and over-torque.

Kits are available in inch, metric, spark plug, and pipe thread series. All kits have a quantity of inserts, the proper size drill, high-speed steel Heli-Coil tap, and installation tool.

Available from stock are Inch Coarse kits in sizes #4 through 1-1/2" and Inch Fine kits in sizes #6 through 1-1/2" as well as Metric Coarse kits M3 through M20 and Metric Fine kits M8 through M16.

Master Thread Repair Sets are also available and contain 7 Inch Coarse Size Inserts, 6 Inch Fine Inserts, and 8 Metric sizes. All sets contain a drill, tap, tool, and and inserts for all sizes.

HC_Spark Plug Kit

Spark Plug Series

HC_Pipe Thread Kit

Pipe Thread Series

HC_Master Set

Master Thread Repair Sets
(Inch & Metric Sets)