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Countersunk Weld Nuts

Countersunk Weld NutsGripco Standard Series countersunk weld nuts are manufactured from low-carbon steel. These nuts are designed to eliminate the time-consuming retapping of threads frequently required after welding.

The bearing surface base of the nut is countersunk to prevent fouling of the nut threads by molden metal particles discharged during welding. Gripco countersunk weld nuts can be welded to a blind surface as well as curved surfaces and over pre-punched or drilled holes. Countersunk weld nuts can also be used as a spacer or weld pad.

  • Also available with the Gripco prevailing torque feature
  • May be manufactured in quantity to dimensions other than standard
  • Prices and samples available upon request

 Gripco's engineering staff can assist you in determining the exact requirements for your fastening needs.