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Hex Flange Clinch NutsHex Flange Clinch Nuts

Gripco hex flange clinch nuts are designed with a larger bearing surface to support sheet metal applications with lower tensile strength such as aluminum. The hex pilot prevents rotation in a hex hole. Hex flange clinch nuts can be staked for floating applications to accomodate bolt misalignment. They can also be clinched solid, providing excellent push-out and twist-out strength for rigid applications.

Where flush mounting is required, a button die in combination with a hex punch provides an embossed relief in the stamping. Hex flange clinch nuts can be automatically fed and clinched on volume production lines or individualy clinched with riveters, orbital riveters, or arbor-type presses. Applications include:

  • Door and hood hinges
  • Seat  attachments
  • Hood striker attachments

Gripco's engineering staff can assist you in determining the exact requirements for your fastening needs.