Formerly Emhart Teknologies & Infastech

Quality Policy

At Fastener Innovation Technology, our company quality policy is to: 

  • Manufacture and market fastener products that will meet or exceed customer requirements
  • Support the above claim with adequate records and test data as required by contractual obligations
  • Comply with all customer decisions concerning quality system changes and keep abreast of and incorporate, as applicable, the latest quality and production system developments
  • Notify the government or other customers, in writing, of any changes to our inspection system
  • Establish and maintain programs such as continuous improvement, corrective and preventive action, and statistical process control (SPC) that are designed to improve the quality and reliability of our products
  • Aim for zero defects as our ultimate goal

Fastener Innovation Technology welcomes all government or customer representatives who wish to evaluate our quality control system, supplies, and equipment to verify their effectiveness and proper function.