Formerly Emhart Teknologies & Infastech

Breakstem Rivets and Sealing Plugs - Customised Designs

We can design and manufacture breakstem rivets and sealing plugs with a wide variety of forms and finishes to meet your unique assembly requirements. Shown below are just a few examples of our customised capabilities. If you have a special requirement which you would like to discuss, please contact your local Avdel representative.

Stavex® Breakstem Fastener - RoHS Compliant Zinc & Black Finish

- Steel, Zinc & black finish
- Complies with RoHS standards & normally used in automotive interiors

Stavex® - Dedicated Grip Range

- Stainless Steel
- Dedicated grip range and very short stem to suit a customer's restricted access application

Avinox® Breakstem Fastener - Special Body Design

- Special underhead shoulder for automotive application for fixation inclusive compensation of different heat expansion of metal and plastic materials
- Stainless steel material resists corrosion by road salts

Breakstem Fastener - Body with Zinc & KTL finish

- Steel, Zinc & black KTL finish
- High resistance to corrosion

Hemlok® Structural Breakstem Fastener - Blue Delta Seal® Coating

- Steel, Delta Seal® blue
- High performance coating & blue colour for identifaction

Monobolt® Structural Breakstem Fastener- Grade 316 Stainless Steel

- Grade 316 / A4 Stainless Steel
- High corrosion resistant grade rivet

Monobolt® Structural Breakstem Fastener - Countersunk Head

- Steel, Zinc plated
- Countersunk head for flush installation on front side

Monobolt® Structural Breakstem Fastener - Cone Stem

- Steel
- Cone stem for easy hole access, for automated installation

Avseal® Sealing Plug - Large Diameter

- Aluminium/Steel
- With diameters of 19 mm & 22 mm the largest Avseal produced to date