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Repair Concept for Self-piercing Joints

In principle, a joint made with self-piercing rivets is a “non-removable joint”. However there are various possibilities in case of repair or re-working of the joint for changing a component. The choice of the technique needs to be made on a case-by-case basis after the consideration of the access to the fastening point. An overview of the possibilities is given in the following chart:

Repair Concept for self-piercing Joints

There are several possibilities for joining the new components:

  1. Without drilling of the components a new self-piercing rivet is placed.
  2. Solid rivets are placed into the pre-drilled or punched components.
  3. Blind rivets are placed into the pre-drilled or punched components. Blind rivets are ideal, if there is only access from one side of the new component.
  4. Screwing
  5.  Welding
  6. Bonding

To increase the strength of the joint the mentioned joining technologies (1. - 4.) can be combined with bonding.

The Avdel-Concept

Avdel offers repair sets, that are suited to the particular requirements. Basis is an electro-hydraulic battery tool ESN50 or FPM50 that has an adjustable force of 20 to 50 kN. The tool is equipped with changeable C-frames, depending on the access. Tooling sets that can be combined offer a variety of possibilities. Additions for further applications are possible anytime.

Key features:

  • Flexible with battery tools
  • Versatile tooling
  • Extensive accessories

Repair Concept for self-piercing Joints

Example of a complete repair set with extensive accessories.
The sets are adapted to the customers requirements.