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Avdel structural lockbolts consist of a separate pin and collar which are mechanically locked during installation. Our fasteners form joints capable of withstanding the toughest applications and environments that traditional rivet and screw joints often cannot provide. They offer exceptional resistance to vibration and material fatigue due to the swaged lock which forms collar material permanently into the circular grooves of the bolt.

Avdel lockbolt systems are designed for high strength assembly. Quick and simple to place, they provide tamper-proof joints and are the ideal solution where spot welding is not practical or not possible. They are widely used in demanding engineering industries such as vehicle body building, railways, construction and containers. Key user benefits include:

  • High speed assembly
  • Excellent vibration resistance
  • High shear and tensile strength
  • Tamper-proof joints
  • Consistent high clamp
  • Quick and simple to install

Lockbolts Selection Guide
Our selection guide (Acrobat file) helps show you which lockbolt fastener may be the most suitable for your application:
>>> Selection Guide Lockbolts


Non-Breakstem lockbolt featuring unmatched vibration resistance for heavy-duty structural applications.

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Heavy duty, high strength, tamper resistant, blind steel fastener.

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High strength, vibration resistant lockbolts with high, controlled clamp.

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Avdelok® XT

Heavy duty, two piece large diameter lockbolt fasteners providing a high strength assembly.

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High strength, steel fastener and shell designed for joining composite panels to metal.

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High strength, vibration resistant lockbolts with multi-grip capability.

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