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Automation Equipment for Blind Threaded Inserts

Single-head Workstations

  • Installation tools can be suspended or mounted on a pantograph arm
  • Easy integration into production process
  • Ergonomic design

Suspended tool
HTI 500
HTI 500 mounted on a
pantograph arm (optional)


Multi-Head Assembly Stations

These multi-head assembly workstations are designed for multiple and synchronous placement of blind threaded inserts. These customised workstations can dramatically reduce assembly time and cost at improved quality.

  • Simultaneous placement of multiple threaded inserts maximises productivity and throughput
  • Inserts are fed by hand and automatically threaded onto the drive screw
  • The inserts provide practical jig points for the components
  • Integrated component take-up devices reduce asembly time
  • Diagnostics provide quality control
  • Process monitoring or clamping devices can be easily integrated

Simultaneous placing of
6 blind threaded inserts
Process monitored riveting system
with automatic release function


Automated Assembly Systems - Autosert®

The Autosert® automated system is a modular design for blind threaded inserts, reducing assembly time and costs. The integral processing diagnostics ensure the assembly process is highly controlled for improved product quality. The feeder bowl holds up to 2000 inserts for continuous fastener feed.

  • Modular design of placing head, blow feed unit and PLC control cabinet for quick and simple integration into assembly lines. The system works as a stand-alone unit and can be used to fasten a wide range of applications.
  • Flexible electric, pneumatic and hydraulic connections between the three main components for quick and simple interface with a wide range of assembly systems.
  • For maximum production flexibility and minimum tool downtime the compact, lightweight placing head is quick to reconfigure, can be mounted separately and used at any angle.
  • The integral processing diagnostics at all stages with clear and simple PLC displays provide for high precision, highly reliable assembly and improved product quality.

Lightweight placing
simplyfies handling

Feeder bowl holds the inserts for
continuous fastener feed

Autosert® placing head
mounted on robot arm