Formerly Emhart Teknologies & Infastech
  • Electronics
    Electronics Engineered Standards

    Preferred Performance Designs™ for electronics assemblies, access to CAD models, engineering support services and rapid prototyping for custom parts. Learn more >>

  • POP
    The pop in POP® Rivets™

    POP® rivets enable virtually endless solutions to the assembly challenges in the home and appliance industry. Learn more >>

  • Heli-Coil
    The Original

    Heli-Coil® wire threaded inserts have been ensuring thread integrity in the aerospace industry for multiple generations. Learn more >>

  • Dodge
    Plastic Parts, Metal Threads™

    Dodge® threaded inserts enable metal thread performance in plastic parts throughout the electronics industry. Learn more >>

  • Tucker
    No Hole Required™

    Tucker® stud welding systems paired with Tucker studs enable No-Hole™ fastening solutions for the global automotive industry. Learn more >>

  • Gripco
    The Brains Behind the Torque™

    The combination of STANLEY Assembly Technologies tools and Gripco® products enables the highest-quality solutions in threaded fastening. Learn more >>

  • Avdel
    Holding your world together™

    Avdel® has been a technology leader for 75 years and the range of blind fasteners and tooling is one of the widest in the market. Learn more >>